Using BeanFill

When using Beanfill, always use high-quality, freshly ground coffee beans for best results. The coffee beans should be ground to somewhere between a fine and very fine level and one should fill as much coffee into the pod without over compacting the coffee. The pod holds approximately 5g ground coffee beans.

Different beans and roasts will require different levels of grinding, and compaction into the pod, in order to achieve the desired results. Remember, one does not become a Barista at the first attempt, and a little practice will be required at first.

In order to maintain the quality in taste and foam of your coffee, your coffee machine should be descaled regularly. If the inside chamber of your Nespresso machine is smooth and not ribbed, then the sealing ring is not required and can be removed from the pods lid.Lastly, be careful when handling BeanFill after making a coffee, as the pod may still be extremely hot.